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73288 Kit Mini Jet Direct Warm Grey

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73288 Kit Mini Jet Direct Warm Grey
73288 Kit Mini Jet Direct Warm Grey

Cool Grey Directional Kit for Hot Spring and Solana 2004-2005 Models & Tiger River 2003-2005 Models

Mini Jets are a small softer feeling jet. They are designed to target key muscle groups in the back and shoulders.

The Mini Jets are located in a Jet Cluster of ten or above the Moto-Massage. The intensity of the Mini Jets can is varied by the amount of air drawn into the jets. The air control valve controls airflow to all of the jets.

The Mini Jets consist of a face, retainer, eyeball / rotary, ring seat, wallfitting, o-ring, and body.


  1. Open or remove the spa cover.
  2. Remove the mini-jet face by turning the jet face counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the retainer.
  4. Remove the eyeball or rotary.
  5. Remove the ring seat.
  6. Remove the wallfitting by turing it counterclockwise.
  7. Remove the o-ring.
  8. To reinstall the mini-jet, reverse steps 1 to 7.

 73288 Kit Mini Jet Direct - Warm Grey is for the following models.


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2004-2005
Hot Spring Vista  2004-2005
Hot Spring Envoy 2004-2005
Hot Spring Vanguard 2004-2005
Hot Spring Jetsetter 2004-2005
Hot Spring Prodigy 2004-2005
Hot Spring Sovereign 2004-2005
Hot Spring Alccolade 2005




Item Description Part #
1 KIt Mini Jet Body 73272
2a Kit Direct Mini Jet Assy C.Gry 73290
2b Kit Direct Mini Jet Assy W.Gry 73288
2c Kit Direct Mini Jet Assy Taupe 73292
3a Kit Rotary Mini Jet Assy C.Gry 73289
3b Kit Rotary Mini Jet Assy W.Gry 73287
3c Kit Rotary Mini Jet Assy Taupe 73291
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