73223 IQ2020 Control Box

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73223 IQ2020 Control Box
73223 IQ2020 Control Box

This item is no longer avalible from Watkins. You can purchase the main circuit board, Part number 77087

Replacement IQ2020 for Hot Spring, Tiger River and Limelight 2001-2009 Spa Models

The IQ 2020 control box contains the electronic components that control the spa’s functions including heater relay, heater interlock relay, jet relay, high limit circuit, light circuit, etc. The IQ receives input from the control head on which function is to be activated and then activates that specific function.

Additionally, the IQ contains the circuitry to stop spa operation if high limit circuit senses a problem.

  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Disconnect the copper bonding wire attached to the side of the control box (if necessary).
  4. Remove the two screws retaining the IQ 2020 control box cover and remove the cover.
  5. Disconnect the power supplied to the terminal block.
  6. Disconnect the control panel ribbon cable.
  7. Disconnect the light, circulation pump, jet pump(s), and ozonator terminal connections from the circuit board.
  8. Using strain relief pliers, remove the strain relief and cord from the control box for the circulation pump, jet pump(s) and ozonator.
  9. Disconnect the heater terminal connections from the heater relay terminals.
  10. Using strain relief pliers, remove the heater strain relief and cord from the control box.
  11. Remove the control box from the equipment compartment.
  12. To reinstall the IQ 2020 control box, reverse steps 1 to 11.


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