73102 Kit Midjet Orifici & Retain

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73102 Kit Midjet Orifici & Retain
73102 Kit Midjet Orifici & Retain

The MidJet is a powerful jet that combines the pressure of several jets into a substantial stream.

The air control valve is used to control the intensity of the MidJet. To adjust the intensity, turn the air control lever clockwise to increase the intensity (air) or counter-clockwise to decrease the intensity (air).


  1. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise to remove.
  2. Remove the eyeball and retainer..
  3. Remove the orifice and from the rear retainer.
  4. Remove the front wallfitting.
  5. Access the rear portion of the shell.
    NOTE: Removal of wood and foam may be required.
  6. Remove the rear wallfitting assembly and o-ring from the spa's plumbing.
  7. To replace the MidJet, reverse steps 1 to 6.


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