72324 Air Injector Fascia

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72324 Air Injector Fascia
72324 Air Injector Fascia

Provides air to spa when air control has been activated.

Replacement Instructions:

Spa does not have to be drained to change out the fascia.

Turn fascia counter clockwise and lift it off.


72324 Air Injector Fascia is for the following models.       


Make Model Date Range
Caldera Tahitian 2000-2001
Caldera Niagara 2000-2001
Caldera Geneva 2000-2001
Caldera Hawaiian 2000-2001



Item Description Part #
1 Valve Air Injector Body 022015
2 Jet Injector Cap Grey 10210 005093
3a Air Injector Assy Grey 72231
3b Air Injector Assy 11c 74820
3c Air Injecote Assy W/Esc Grey 73853
3d Air Injector Assy W/Esc 11c 74821
4 Air Injector Fascia 72324
* Air Injector Fascia W/Esc 73854


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