72228 Ozone Tubing

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72228 Ozone Tubing
72228 Ozone Tubing

Ozone Tubing Kit.

The ozone tube connects to the injector and provides air to the ozone purification system to "inject" ozone into the circulation system. The injector is placed in the circulation system after the heater, circulation pump and bleedline. As water passes through the injector, a vacuum is created via the ozone supply hose. The vacuum draws air through the ozonator producing the ozone gas. The ozone then travels through supply tubing to the injector and into the spa water. The tiny bubbles coming from the heater return are ozone. 

Parts Included in the Kit (72228):


White hose clamp

Tools Required:

  • Ozone Restrictor (If requiredonly)
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Hose Clamping Pliers
  • Sharp pair of Scissors

Removal Instructions:

  1. Disconnect power from the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Clamp the plumbing on each side of the injector.
  4. Remove the tube from the ozone injector to the ozone generator. Note: (Do not touch the brown residue that forms at the ends of the tubing.).
  5. Install the new ozone tubing.
  6. You may install the air restrictor valve, if noise is excessive. P/N 73808

 72228 Ozone Tubing is used in the following Endless Pool models:

 Make  Model  Date Range
 Endless Pools  E2000-58  2017-Current
 Endless Pools  E500-52  2016-Current
 Endless Pools  E500-58  2016-Current
 Endless Pools  E700-52  2016-Current
 Endless Pools  E700-58  2016-Current
 Endless Pools  X200-50  2016-Current
 Endless Pools  X500-50  2016-Current

Item Description Part #
1 Freshwater Iii (ozone), Unit Only 73831
2 Hose Barb 1318101
3 Ozone Tubing 72228
4 Ozone Check Valve 1044101
5 Ozone Tubing 72228
6 Kit, Ozone Inj, Black, W/Clamp 74078
7 Kit Flow Restrictor 72699
8 Freshwater Iii (ozone), Complete Assembly 72602


Item Description Part #
1 Freshwater III (Complete Assy) 72602
1A Freshwater III (Unit Only) 73831
2 Tubing Ozone 72228
3 Injector Black 74078
4 Ozone Check Valve 1044101
5 Kit Flow Restrictor 72699



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