71879 Jet Face Adjustable, Taupe

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71879 Jet Face Adjustable, Taupe
71879 Jet Face Adjustable, Taupe

Adjustable Jet Face in Taupe is for 1997-2007 Hot Spring Spa models.

The adjustable jet is the standard jet contained in the spa. The adjustable jet comes with a standard nozzle that can be adjusted to point in various directions within the spa. If applicable, a rotary jet nozzle may also be used in place of the standard nozzle. The rotary jet divides the water flow into two streams, then spins.

The amount of air reaching an individual jet can typically be controlled in two ways. First, the amount of air can be adjusted using the air control valve. The air control valve controls airflow to the corresponding jets. Second, some models come equipped with jets where the amount of air can also be adjusted at the jet itself. To adjust the air at the jets, turn the star portion of the nozzle (on older models), or the face (on newer models) clockwise to increase the air. Turn counter-clockwise to decrease the air.

The intensity of the jets increases when more air is injected into the jet.


  1. Open or remove the spa cover.
  2. Remove the jet by grasping the jet faceplate and pulling it away from the spa shell.
  3. With jet in hand, two o-rings should be on the rear portion of the faceplate. If either o-ring is not present, inspect the inside of the front wall fitting and replace the o-ring.
  4. To reinstall the jet, reverse steps 1 to 3.
    Important: Make sure that the o-rings are properly seated.


Item Description part #
1 Kit Wall Fitting 71361
2A Rotary Jet Face C. Grey 71364
2B Adj Rotary Jet Face Grey 71879
3 Gasket Adj Rotary Jet 36534
4A Rotary Jet C Grey 71690
4B Rotary Jet Taupe 71880
5A Directional Jet C Grey 71692
5B Directional Jet Taupe 71881
6 Wall Fitting Front Adj Jet 35977
7 O ring Front Wall Adj 35988
8 O Ring Adj jet (small) 35986


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