71755 Control Panel Cable

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71755 Control Panel Cable
71755 Control Panel Cable


The control panel cable used to connect the control box for all 1998-2000 Hot Spring spa and Tiger River spa models.

The control panel consists of electronic buttons and display that spa owner uses to regulate the thermostat, as well as to operate the jet pump and light. The control panel is located on the bartop.

The control panel is connected to the control box by a control panel cable.

  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the IQ control box.
  3. Inside the control box, on the right hand side, disconnect the control panel ribbon cable.
  4. Fold back the spa’s thermal cover.
  5. Gently work a wide-blade screwdriver under the lip of the control panel, forcing it between the panel and the dam.
    WARNING – DO NOT pry the black plastic dam away from the bartop. Removing the dam will damage the bartop.
  6. Gently pry the panel off the dam by slowly working around the edge of the panel.
  7. Lift the panel away from the spa.
  8. Remove remaining gasket material and silicone from the dam and control panel.
  9. Mask the bartop around the edges of the dam (to allow easy cleanup of excess silicone).
  10. Reverse the above instruction to reinstall the control panel and follow the instruction that come with the control panel kit.






Item Description Part #
1A Control Head Replacement 71260
1B Control Head G & S **
1C Control Head F & I **
1D Control Head H & J **
1E Control Head Replacement 71920
2A IQ-2000 Control Box 71382
2B IQ-2000 Control Box 71485
2C IQ-2000 Control Box (canadian) 71384
2D IQ-2000 Control Box (canadian) 71487
3 Strain Relief 10/3 36022
4 Clamp Romex 3/4 30105
5 Cord Assy GFCI 20120
6 Cord 14/3 XP Jet Pump 71416
7 Bushing Strain Releif 3/8" 30098
8 Plug Hole 0.875" 36043
9 Cord Circ Pump Replacement '97 71434
10 Receptacle Assy Ozone 72724
11 Kit HSS Lampholder '95-'00 71292
12 Plug Hole 0.50" 36044
13A Cable Assy Panel Interface 34931
13B Cable Assy Panel Interface 71755
14 Power Jumper Terminal Block 71377
15 Screw Terminal Block 71529
16 Relay 2 Pole 18VCD 74723
* Screw IQ 2000 Cover 36676
* Screw Mounting Bracket 36898
* CBA Mounting Bracket 36018
* CBA Mounting Bracket (Classic) 36019
* Fuseholder (Canada Only) 34506
* Fuse 2 Amp 250V (Canada Only) 34934
* Screw Receptacle for Control Panel 34481
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