37603 Harness Assembly Backlight

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37603 Harness Assembly Backlight
37603 Harness Assembly Backlight

Control panel light for all Hot Springs Panels 1998 to 2007.

Blue L.E.D. light.

The control panel consists of the buttons that spa owner uses to regulate the light and thermostat, as well as operate the jet pump(s). The control panel is attached to the spa by two screws. The control panel has a soft light to illuminate the control head display at night.


Item Description Part #
1 Dome Backlight Led Harness 37603
2 Backlight Hss Control Panel 37611
3 Screw,6-22x7/8 Plp Ph Hilo+ Ss 37262
4 Control Panel Light Cover 37248
5 Control Panel: Control Panel Bezel, 2-pump 98 71509
6 Control Head 73225

* Non Illustrated Part

Locking Mechanism

There are two locking features to the control panel, TEMPERATURE LOCK and SPA LOCK.

Spa Lock deactivates all functions of the control panel and is activated by pushing the LIGHT minus (-) and TEMP minus (-) at the same time and holding them down until the word SPA and the lock symbol are illuminated on the control panel display.

Temp Lock deactivates the temperature control function of the spa and is activated by pushing the LIGHT plus (+) and TEMP plus (+) at the same time and holding them down until the words SET TEMP and the lock symbol are illuminated on the control panel display.

Note: Unlock either system by reversing the corresponding process.

Indicator Lights

All spa models have an indicator light on the control panel. As well as being a power on indicator, the indicator light also serves as the signal light for the diagnostic feature incorporated in the Interlock/Timer circuit board. This light allows the homeowner to visually identify if a problem exists with the spa.

Power Indicator

  • Steady light indicates spa is working properly.
  • No light indicates a problem with the source power source to the spa.
  • Flashing light indicates an open interlock circuit.

Ready Indicator

  • Steady light indicates the spa water temperature is within 2 ¬¨Œ© degrees of the set temperature.
  • No light indicates the spa water temperature is outside of the set temperature range.
  • Flashing light indicates there is a problem with the temperature sensor.

Clean Indicator

  • Steady light indicates the clean cycle has been activated
  • No light indicates the clean cycle is not activated.
  • The light will remain illuminated as long as the clean cycle is operational.



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  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Carefully remove the dome light cover.
  3. Remove the two control panel mounting screws.
  4. Gently pull the control panel away from the spa only far enough to thread the panel back through the cutout and into the equipment compartment. Caution: The fiber optic cables (if applicable) can be damaged or become dislodged by excessive pulling on the control panel.
  5. Access the IQ 2000 control box.
  6. Disconnect and remove the control panel ribbon cable (if applicable).
  7. Separate the control head from the control panel.
  8. To reinstall the control panel, reverse steps 1 to 7.

Item Description Year Used Part #
1a Control Panel 1 Jet Pump 1998-2008 71510
1b Control Panel 2 Jet Pump 1998-2008 71509
2a Control Head 1998-2000 Discontinued, Use 73225 1998-2000 71920
2b Control Head 2001-2008 2001-2008 73225
3 Light Cover 1998-2008 37248
4 Screw 6-22 x 7/8 1998-2008 37265
* Control Panel Mounting Screw 1998-2008 37262
* Harness Led Backlight 1998-2008 37603
* Backlight HSS Control Panel 1998-2008 37611
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