37297 Body Diverter Valve, 6 Port

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37297 Body Diverter Valve, 6 Port
37297 Body Diverter Valve, 6 Port

The 6 port diverter valve body is for Hot Springs and Tiger River Spas.

The diverter valve is located on the outlet side of the jet pump and allows for the diversion of water to the desired jet modes. The diverter valve has four positions that are 90 degrees from each other.

The diverter valve consists of a lever, bezel, retainer, o-rings and a core.

  1. Remove the lever by lifting straight up. The lever is held on the diverter shaft by friction.
  2. Remove the bezel caps and screws located on either side of the diverter shaft.
  3. Remove the bezel.
  4. Using the snap ring tool, remove the snap ring.
  5. Slide the center core out of the diverter. If this is difficult, pliers can be used to gently pull the core out. Caution: Do not damage the shaft where the lever is attached.
  6. Note the location of the core plug and o-rings.


  1. Using silicone grease, grease and position the core plug o-rings. Place the two small o-rings in the shaft pocket located on the bottom side of the core plug. The larger o-ring is placed around the perimeter of the core plug (reference the original core plug for locations).
  2. Slide the core plug with the o-rings in position over the core shaft.
  3. Grease the outside of the core with silicone grease.
  4. Slide the core into the body. Be sure the core is seated properly and the o-ring has not become damaged.
  5. Press down on the core plug to be sure the core is completely seated.
  6. Install the snap ring using the snap ring tool. Caution:
  7. Ensure that the snap ring is fully positioned. Injury may result if the snap ring is not positioned properly when the jets are activated.
  8. Replace the bezel and lever at the same time. It can be difficult to install the lever when the bezel has been tightened down. Make sure to fully seat the lever as it fits very tightly onto the core shaft.
  9. Reinstall the bezel screws and caps.

Item  Description Part #
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1b Kit Lever Bezel WGry 73362
1c Kit Lever Bezel CGry 73363
1d Kit Lever Bezel IMD WGry 73820***
2 Kit Diverter Retrofit 71799*
4 Snap Ring 34350
5 Collar 75116
6 O-Ring (238) Or (Or Silicone Adhesive RTV 34319
7 Nut 75117
8 Body 37297
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9B Kit Modified 6 Port Diverter Flow Restrictor 73769
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