30334 Coverlock Screws

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30334 Coverlock Screws
30334 Coverlock Screws

Multi use stainless steel screw that works with Hot Spring, Tiger River, Solana, Hot Spot, Limelight, and Endless Pools.

#4 x 1/2"

30334 Coverlock Screws is use on the following Endless models:

Make  Model Date Range
Endless Pools E2000-58 2017-Current
Endless Pools E500-52 2016-Current
Endless Pools E500-58 2016-Current
Endless Pools E700-52 2016-Current
Endless Pools E700-58 2016-Current
Endless Pools X200-50 2016-Current
Endless Pools X500-50 2016-Current

 Item  Description  Part #
 2  SCREW 4X1/2 PH PLP SS SM  30334
 3  KEY,COVERLOCK  70322
 4  GROMMET, COVER 2/SET  70301

Item Description P/N
1 Sconce clip 74886/na
2 Sconce cap 74885/na
3 Led harness sconce 74887
4 Main light 74881
5 Grab rail boot 74892/na
6 Light lens, 11c 76010/na
* Sconce clip screws 30334
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