30209 Hi-Limit Heater, 150 Deg.

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30209 Hi-Limit Heater, 150 Deg.
30209 Hi-Limit Heater, 150 Deg.

If the temperature of a heater exceed 150 degrees, this part will cut the power of the heater. This part is also referred to as the red "heater reset" button.

30209 Hi-Limit Heater is for the following models:


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Classic 1987-1994
Hot Spring Grandee 1985-1994
Hot Spring Prodigy 1984-1994
Hot Spring Sovereign 1985-1994
Hot Spring Jetsetter 1989-1994 
Hot Spring Highlife  1989-1994


  • 115v / 20Amp
WARNING: The heater high limit is a safety device and should never be tampered with or bypassed.
  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Remove the high limit capillary bulb from the heater thermowell.

    NOTE: Do not bend the capillary tube as that could cause miscalibration of the heater high-limit.

  4. Access the control box.
  5. Locate the heater high limit.
  6. Remove the strain relief from around the capillary tube.
  7. Slide the capillary tube out from the control box (use the slot in the control box).
  8. Remove the two screws securing the high limit to the control box.
  9. Remove the two wires from the high limit.
  10. To reinstall the high limit, reverse steps 1 to 9.


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