10437 Jetstream Hydroair

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10437 Jetstream Hydroair
10437 Jetstream Hydroair

Item is Discontinued

Jetstream Hydroair o ring wallfitting for hot tub spas Jetstream.


Item Description Part #
1A Face Bezel Jetstream White 36512
1B Face Bezel Jetstream C.Gry 36763
1C Face Bezel Jetstream W.Gry 73309
1D Face Bezel Jestream Taupe 39879
1E Face Bezel Jetstream Escutch WGry 73813
1F Face Bezel Jetstream Escutch CGry 73901
2A Eyeball Insert Assy White 70723
2B Eyeball Insert Assy CGry 72725
2C Eyeball Insert Assy WGry 73310
2D Eyeball Insert Assy Taupe 72485
3 Eyeball Seal Ring 32470
4A Wallfitting Front 31987
4B Wallfitting Front Taupe -
5 O Ring 10437
6 Wallfitting Rear 71126
7 Orifice 32397
8 Venturi Tee 32395


  1. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise to remove.
  2. Remove the nozzle and seat ring.
  3. Remove the front wallfitting.
  4. Access the rear portion of the shell. NOTE: Removal of wood and foam may be required.
  5. Remove the rear wallfitting assembly from the spa's plumbing.
  6. To replace the jetstream, reverse steps 1 to 5.
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