73536 Ozone Jet Insert

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73536 Ozone Jet Insert
73536 Ozone Jet Insert

This device provides the mechanism to introduce ozone to the spa water. It will enhance the water quality when used in conjunction with the home owners regular maintenance schedule. It is primarily an oxidizer and will only increase water clarity.  It will not sanitize the water. It is not a stand alone sanitation device.  It must be used along with your regular sanitizer. Contact Watkins Manufacturing if you have any questions concerning water chemistry.The insert may become clogged from time to time. It will need to be unclogged or replaced. The jet should spray a shower of bubbles to center of the spa.

For 2002 - Current Caldera Spas


Replacement Instructions

  1. Using a 5/16 socket or spin tight
  2. Turn insert counter clockwise to remove.
  3. Replace by reversing steps 3 to 1.



Item Description Part #
1 Kit UTO/PAR Ozone Jet (2001- 2nd QTR 2004) 72305
2a Kit Ozone Jet CG (4th QTR 2004 - 2008) 73535
2b Kit Ozone Jet 11C (2009 - Current) 74819
3 Kit Cal Ozone Insert (4th QTR 2004 - Current) 73536
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