70922 GFCI 115volt 15 amp

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70922 GFCI 115volt 15 amp
70922 GFCI 115volt 15 amp

GFCI control plug for Caldera Highland Series Spas 2006-current


The GFCI serves an important purpose in any electrical circuit. It provides protection against current leakage to ground, which can cause an electrical shock or in extreme cases, death. For this reason GFCI must always be properly installed and never be removed our altered.

The GFCI measures the amount of current in and compares it to the amount of current oute. The difference between the two values of current is called the current leakage. The difference between the two current values flow down the ground line. When the current leaking to ground is greater than the trip point value (5 mA, plus or minus 1 mA), the GFCI will trip. A tripped GFCI isolates the spa from the line voltage, essentially blocking all power to the spa. Shutting down the spa.


Trouble shooting must be performed to determine the cause of the tripping using a DDM (Digital Multi-Meter).

Diagnostic Panel

Set your DMM on the Ohms scale and perform a current leakage test.

A current leakage test should be performed on all spa at the end of the repair to ensure that the spa is safe to use.





Item Description Part #
1a GFCI w/Cover For 115V System 20 AMP 70922
1b Cord GFCI For 115V System 20120
* Breaker GFCI Subpanel Box For 230V System 38661
2 Light Receptacle 71612
3 Control Box 72469
4 Thermistor Control 71578
5 Pressure Switch 71586
6 Heater Assy 72651
7 Split Nut Union 2" 33761
* Fuse 25A/300V SC Time Delay 71618
* Fuse 2A 250V 3AG Slo-Blo 34934
* Fuse 750 mA/250V 5 X 20MM Fast-Blo 0965201
* Tailpiece Heater 70905
* O-Ring Tail Piece 34447


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