70670 Control Panel Grey

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70670 Control Panel Grey
70670 Control Panel Grey

Grey Control Panel for 1994- 1997 Hot Spring Grandee

The control panel consists of the knobs that spa owner uses to regulate the light and thermostat, as well as buttons to operate the jet pump(s). The control panel is attached to the spa by two screws.

The knobs and buttons are not attached to the control box. The knobs use D-shaft drivers to turn the shaft stems protruding from the control box. The buttons activate the pushbuttons by pushing against the pushbutton jet switches located on the control box.

The control panel can be locked using a sliding mechanical plate. The plate (located behind the control panel) slides into the locked position when a key is use to turn the lock. Locking the cover plate prevents unwanted tampering with the spa controls.


NOTE: The thermostat control knob must be fully seated for the lock to engage.

NOTE: In early models, the light control knob must be turned all the way off to engage the lock. The locking of the light control knob was discontinued.




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  1. Unlock the control panel.
  2. Turn the temperature and light knobs to the off position (counterclockwise).
  3. Remove the two phillips head screws securing the control panel to the skirting.
  4. Pull the control panel forward off the D-shaft drivers.
  5. Remove the two D-shaft drivers.


  1. Place the D-shaft drivers onto the thermostat and light switch shafts.
  2. Turn the both shafts to the off position (counterclockwise).
  3. Ensure that the knobs of the control panel are still in the off position.
  4. Install the control panel onto the D-shaft drivers.
  5. Install the two phillips head screws securing the control panel to the skirting.


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