005007 Jet Blaster Direct Insert

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005007 Jet Blaster Direct Insert
005007 Jet Blaster Direct Insert

Duo Blasters are a small softer feeling jet. They are designed to target key muscle groups in the back and shoulders.

The intensity of the Duo Blasters can is varied by the amount of air drawn into the jets. The air control valve controls airflow to all of the jets.


005007 Jet Blaster Direct Insert is for the following models.       


Make Model Date Range
Caldera Tahitian 2000
Caldera Niagara 2000
Caldera Geneva 2000
Caldera Hawaiian 2000
Caldera Kauai 2000
Caldera Martinique 2000





Item Description Part #
1 Jet Euro Body W/Barb 005005
2 Jet Euro Wallfitting 005024
3 Jet Euro Roto Inserts 72586
4 Jet Euro Insert 005007
5a Jet Euro Face/Grill (Pre2001) 005023
5b Jet Euro Face/Grill (2001 Thur 2005) 72180
6 Jet Euro Directional (2001 Thur 2005) 72551
7 Kit Euro Directional Insert (2001 Thur 2005) 72608


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