1. Choosing the Right Hot Spring Hot Tub Chemicals for Your Spa

    Keeping your hot tub cleaned correctly is essential to prevent algae and mold from growing, bugs from spawning, and other problems that could affect your family's health. Hot Spring hot tub chemicals must meet the right standards to clean the hot tubs and prevent bacteria and germs. Choosing the right Hot Spring hot tub chemicals for your spa is essential to its maintenance. Sanitizers Before a hot tub can be used, it must be properly sanitized. The sanitizers will quickly kill bacteria in the water. Chlorine is one of the most important chemicals to use. Use salt water test strips to test the pH level in your hot tub to determine how much chlorine to add. Most people will use what is known as shock treatment—the addition of a large quantity of chlorine at once—as it quickly cleans and sanitizes the hot tub. However, chlorine tablets like Trichlor are not recommended for a hot tub, as that much chlorine ..
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  2. What to Look for in an Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Keeping your pool clean is essential to prevent bacteria growth that could result in serious problems with your health. A pool needs to have clean, clear water to be safe. The easiest way to achieve this effect is by using an automatic pool cleaner in tandem with regular maintenance and testing for chemical levels. There are several products on the market that you need to consider as you focus on maintaining a clean pool. You should choose a pool cleaner that is affordable, reliable, and works well for your pool's needs. Determine Your Cleaning Needs Is your pool collecting a lot of leaves, sand, and other debris? Knowing how many things are clogging up your pool will help you find the right cleaner. Larger pools benefit the most from the use of automatic cleaners to prevent debris from clogging the pools and causing you to use manual cleaning devices. While manual cleaning tools aren't less effective for larger ..
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  3. Three Benefits of Moonlight Hot Tubs

    Lounging in a hot tub is one of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time and relax either by yourself, with a significant other or spouse, or with friends and family. In fact, a hot soak in the tub has been linked to a boost in brainpower, stress relief, reduced cold symptoms, and improved sleep. However, a hot tub that's uncomfortable, doesn't seat the proper number of guests that you'd like to have use it, has weak jets, or is poorly made and low quality can easily ruin the fun. If you're looking for the best hot tub on the market, consider these three benefits of Moonlight hot tubs before shopping anywhere else. The Best in Jets While soaking in warm water is a joy, the real thing that makes a hot tub so lovely is the quality of its jets. As such, you need a hot tub that has jets that are both strong and adjustable, like the jets in Moonlight hot tubs. In these tubs, the jets are made from stainless steel, ..
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  4. 5 Ways to Prolong Hot Tub Water Changes

    How often you need to drain and change your water depends on a number of factors. A good indicator it's time to do so is when the water gets cloudy. A typical range of water change is about two to four months. There are several things you can do to maximize the amount of time between water changes. Hot tubbing when the water is dirty and cloudy isn't refreshing, and it's not very healthy. Keeping your water clean with regular maintenance will help to prevent cloudiness. 1. Encourage everyone using your spa to rinse off before they get in. This reduces the amount of residue from hair products, antiperspirants, make-up and oils in the water. An outdoor shower near your hot tub is a good way to encourage a quick rinse. 2. Change or clean your spa filter regularly. Spray your filter cartridge with a garden hose to keep water running smoothly. Replace your spa filter about every three years. Consider using higher line hot tub filters, ..
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  5. Spa Maintenance Vacation Tips

    If you've already planned your next vacation, you're probably dreaming of relaxation and comfort. A common question among hot tub owners is what to do with your hot tub while you're on vacation. Temperature Turning down the heat in your hot tub makes sense. You don't need to keep it hot it if you're not going to be in it for a week or two. The challenge comes in deciding how much to turn down the heat. You want to save energy without having to spend time and more energy reheating the spa. On the other hand, you don't want to keep it hot if there's no need. Depending on how warm the weather is, you might not need to do a whole lot during the spring and summer months. You can even turn it off if it's warm outside. Your first order of business should be to make sure that the water is warm and won't freeze. Turn it down if you don't plan to use it for a few days. ..
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  6. How to Care for Hot Spring Hot Tub Pillows

    Spa pillows will last for years if you take a little extra time and effort to care for them properly. Here are some tips to help them stay in good condition and provide extra comfort in your spa. Choose the manufacturer's specific spa pillows for your model and model year when ordering your hot tub replacement parts. They come with a wide range of fastening methods, including pins, retainers with receivers, suction cups and inserts, so they're not a universal fit. Quick Tips •    Replace them about every five years or if they've been damaged. •    Keep them above the waterline to prevent fading and peeling. •    Remove the pillows when you're winterizing or on vacation. •    Clean them when you clean your spa shell...
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  7. How to Choose the Right Hot Tub Cover

    Hot tub covers keep the heat in your spa when it's not in use. There are several choices in features when replacing your hot tub cover. The easiest option may be to decide if you're happy with your present model and just replace it. While that's the easiest, it might not be the best option. Here are 5 things to consider when looking at new hot tub covers. Foam Thickness and Density How well a hot tub cover works often revolves around the materials in it. The interior insulation is typically foam. How dense it is dictates how well it does its job. A density of one pound is typical. The higher the number, the heavier the density. Use a higher density if your hot tub is going to brave below-freezing temperatures with some regularity in wintertime. Denser foam also makes the cover itself heavier. Keep this in mind if you'll be moving the cover manually. Spa cover lifters, like the Covermate II for example, can make ..
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  8. Do You Need An Ozonator In Your Hot Tub?

    An ozonator is an advanced cleaning system that attaches to your hot tub. It's used in concert with a sanitizer to help reduce the number of particles and growth of bacteria. Set up an ozonator to lessen the need for standard hot tub chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Why Use an Ozonator? If your family uses a lot of lotions, oils, hair products or cosmetics, you probably have a fair amount of contaminants and your water isn't very clear. An ozonator creates an electric charge that results in a gas called ozone that is driven through your hot tub system through the jets. The ozone disintegrates the dirt and oils. It makes the water clear. It also eliminates the ring of film that develops on your basin at the waterline. Ozonators are also a good idea for those with sensitive skin or who have allergic reactions to hot tub chemicals. Where It Lives..
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  9. Home Therapy Exercises To Do In Your Hot Tub

    One of the advantages of having a spa in your back yard is that you can use it whenever you want. This is especially important if you use it for aquatherapy. You don't have to worry about going to the therapist or to the local community center to take a dip in the whirlpool. If you suffer from muscle aches or arthritis, hot water has great benefits. There are also exercises you can do while you're soaking to help improve your range of motion and increase your blood flow. Be sure to check with your physician or therapist before undertaking an exercise regimen.   Getting Acclimated – One of the greatest benefits of soaking in the hot tub is relaxation. When you first climb in, take some time to acclimate to the hot water. Relax your body and just enjoy the experience. Do the easiest exercises first and last. Make sure that the muscles doing the movements are submerged in the hot water. Stop if you experience ..
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  10. Caldera Control Panel Operation 2014-current

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