Relaxing in your hot tub after a long day is always something to look forward to. But did you give yourself extra work setting up your hot tub because you neglected it this winter? It’s okay, many of us do. Here’s a simple guide to get your hot tub up and running fast this spring. A clean start for your hot tub You look out your window into the backyard and see your hot tub covered with build up and stains from the gruesomely long winter. Today is the day you muster up the courage to open the tarp. Don't panic! Before you decide to drain your tub, you'll need to add Clean Start to get rid of stubborn bacteria that have been hibernating in your plumbing lines all winter. When the water flows out it's also taking the first step to disinfecting! It is crucial that you add your solution in if you don't want bacteria to stick around after you've purged the tub. How to ..
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