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  1. Improve Spa Safety With the SmartStep from Leisure Concepts

    One way to make your spa a safer place with more convenient access is to put steps at the entrance. Leisure Concepts has spa steps that make it easier to get in and out of the tub. They are available in two different sizes and in an assortment of colors, including sand, taupe, redwood, Portobello, merlot and walnut teak. Safety Steps that are placed fairly close together create a better balance platform for people climbing in and out. Shifting weight from one foot to the next is harder to do when the distance and height are greater. Leisure Concepts' Smart Step products are made in the U.S. and have a rubber tread which minimizes slipperiness without hurting bare feet, wet or dry. Durability The Smart Step is strong and sturdy, ..
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  2. Troubleshooting Cold or Flat Water in Hot Spring Spas

    One of the things that makes Hot Spring spas so relaxing is that the water is hot and the jet pumps circulate water to keep the water hot and bubbly throughout the basin. When the water temperature and circulation are not working at their normal levels, the water will feel cold. It might not be circulating normally. When troubleshooting the problem, this is a clue that it's time to replace some parts. Hot Spring spa parts are available here online. As long as you have the make and model information, you can easily order new Hot Spring heaters, jet pumps and other components. If you don't know your model information, check your owner's manual or look inside the hot tub's equipment cabinet. Check out the labels on the cabinet walls or floor that provide the serial number, model name and number, year of manufacture and the name of ..
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