74569 Pillow Retainer Kit

74569 Pillow Retainer Kit

SKU: 74569

This kit comes with two blades, and screws for mounting.

74569 Pillow Retainer Kit is for the following models:


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2008-Current
Hot Spring Vista 2008-2013
Hot Spring Envoy 2008-Current
Hot Spring Vanguard 2008-Current
Hot Spring Grandee NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter 2008-Current
Hot Spring Prodigy 2008-Current
Hot Spring Sovereign 2008-Current
Hot Spring Aria 2008-Current
Hot Spot Relay 2010-Current
Hot Spot Rhythm 2010-Current
Hot Spot Tempo 2010-Current
Hot Spot SX 2011-Current
Hot Spot TX 2011-Current
Caldera Palatino 2010-Current
Caldera Marino 2010-Current
Caldera Vanto 2011-Current
Caldera Aventine 2010-Current
Caldera Tarino 2013-Current
Limelight Bolt 2012-Current
Limelight Pulse 2008-Current
Limelight Gleam 2013-Current
Limelight Flair 2008-Current
Limelight Glow 2008-Current



Item Description Part #
1a Pillow, Bridge HSS WG 2J-13 74316
1b Pillow, Bridge HSS CG 2J-13 74317
2 Retainer Kit, Pillow 2J-C 74569




Item Description Part #
1 Limelight Pillow 74610
2 Pillow Retainer (2) Screws (4) 74569

Item  Description  Serial No Used  Part No
1a  Pillow Warm Grey  2J1001 - 4R9999* 74316
1b Pillow Cool Grey  2J1001 - 4R9999* 74317
1c Pillow Teal (Discontinued) Use above pillows. 2J1001 - 4R9999* 76183




Retainer Kit (2)