37112 O-Ring for Mini-Jet

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37112 O-Ring for Mini-Jet
37112 O-Ring for Mini-Jet

Precision Mini-Jet O-Ring.

Precision jets are smaller, softer feeling jets. They are designed to target key muscle groups in the back and shoulders.

The precision jets are located in a jet cluster of ten or above the Moto-Massage. The intensity of the precision jets is varied by the amount of air drawn into the jets. The air control valve controls airflow to all of the jets.

The precision jets consist of an elbow or tee, front and rear wall fitting, o-ring, orifice, and face plate.




Item Description Part #
1A Face Mini Jet Grey 37495
1B Face Mini Jet White 36059
1C Face Mini Jet Taupe 38490
2A Wallfitting Front Grey Minijet 36174
2B Wallfitting Front White MiniJet 36058
2C Wallfitiing Front Taupe Minijet 39871
3 Orifice Minijet White 36100
4 O-Ring Minijet White 37112
5 Wallfitting Rear Minijet 36057
6 EII Minijet 36159
7 Tee Minijet 36160


  1. Open or remove the spa cover.
  2. Remove the mini-jet faceplate by gently pulling the pulling the faceplate outward.
  3. Remove the mini-jet orifice by turning it counterclockwise.
  4. To reinstall the mini-jet, reverse steps 1 to 3.
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