JED 103

Jed 103 Ozone Replacement

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JED 103 Corona Discharge Ozonator.

The JED 103 is a CD or "corona discharge" type ozone generator designed for water purification in Hot Spring, and Tiger River spas. It is typically installed in conjunction with a Venturi injector, or a dedicated air jet.


Ozone Output:

0.1 grams per hour input voltage

120 VAC, 60 Hz (240 VAC, 60Hz units are only special order, and are marked accordingly)

Operating current - 0.25 amp

Power consumption - 30 watts

It is ideal for spas with 350 gallons or smaller. 

The ozone system comes with air tubing, air check valve, and a plug to go in Hot Spring spas from 1995 to current.