NC00176 Clean and Perfect Spa 22oz

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NC00176 Clean and Perfect Spa 22oz
NC00176 Clean and Perfect Spa 22oz

Clean and Perfect is a unique blend of all natural enzymes and citrus based degreasers for effective cleaning of indoor and outdoor living areas. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the uses are endless! Ideal for patio furniture & bbq grillsAll pool and spa surfacesExcellent tile cleaner at waterlineDoes not affect water chemistry Leaf stains and dead insects



  • Superior AWSOME PRODUCT 
  • Strong and effective....Clean & Perfect can be used on indoor/outdoor hard surfaces and you can allow the product to sit for over 5 minutes without causing harm to the surfaces.
  • Can be used on vinal liners however check a test patch for color fastness as the protective clear coating may be damaged with chemical use.
  • May be used on carpet and fabrics however check for color fastness first.
  • Color is amber liquid
  • Odor is the natural ingredients and not added perfumes


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