32425 Summer Switch

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32425 Summer Switch
32425 Summer Switch

The summer switch is located on the side of the control box and used to activate the summer mode. The summer mode should be used only when ambient temperature is hot enough to affect the spa water temperature.

Note: The summer switch can be activated at any time during the day or night.

To activate the summer mode, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the temperature control to the minimum setting.
  2. Remove the screws securing the equipment compartment door. Remove the door completely.
  3. Locate the control box.
  4. Locate the summer mode switch on the side of the control box by the two white electrical plugs.
  5. Activate the summer mode by moving the switch to the ON position.
  6. Replace and secure the equipment compartment door.
  7. Verify the summer timer display on the main control panel is on.

The summer mode must be deactivated when cooler temperatures return. To do this, repeat the steps above to access the summer mode switch and then move the switch from the ON position to the OFF position.
WARNING: Failure to deactivate the summer mode when the temperature drops below 32° F will result in freezing of the spa. Damage resulting from this situation is not covered under the terms of the warranty.

  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Remove the control box.
  4. Locate the summer switch.
  5. Identify the location of the two connecting wires (one terminal is unused).
  6. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, remove the wire terminals from the switch.
    NOTE: For ease of replacement, remove only one wire at a time and place it in the proper location on the new switch prior to removing any subsequent wires
  7. Unscrew the switch locknut located on the outside of the control box.
  8. Remove the switch from the control box.
  9. To reinstall the summer switch, reverse steps 1 to 8.
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