78969 Control-Stat Thermistor

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78969 Control-Stat Thermistor
78969 Control-Stat Thermistor

Control thermistor plugs into the side if IQ 2000 Box!

Function of this thermister is to identify the water temperature. Once the water temperature information is achieved, the thermistor will relay the information to the system.

78969 Control-Stat Thermistor is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1997-2003
Hot Spring Jetsetter 1997-2000
Hot Spring Prodigy 1997-2000
Hot Spring Sovereign 1997-2000
Hot Spring Classic 1997-2000
Hot Spring Landmark 1997-2000
Tiger River Bengal 1997-2000
Tiger River Siberian 1997-2000
Tiger River Sumatran 1997-2000
Tiger River Tondi 1995-1996
Tiger River Khyber 1995-1996
Tiger River Manora 1995-1996
Tiger River Tondi PH 220 1996
Tiger River Manora MH 220 1996


Item Description Part #
1 T-stat Control Thermistor


2 O-ring Control Thermistor 34878
3 Hi-limit Thermistor Assy 78970
2 O-ring Hi-limit Thermistor 34879



ITEM Description Serial No Used Part No
1a Thermistor Assy Hi- Limit see below matrix 78970
1b Thermistor Assy Control see below matrix


* O- Ring Control Thermistor All-151001-current 34878
* O- RIng Hi- Limit Thermistor All-151001-current 34879


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