76529 HydroMassage Jet, Warm Grey

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76529 HydroMassage Jet, Warm Grey
76529 HydroMassage Jet, Warm Grey

The HydroMassage Jet comes with a directional nozzle, which provides maximum performance and the ability to adjust the direction of the stream.


76529 HydroMassage Jet in Warm Grey is for the following models:


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2012-2013
Hot Spring Vista  2012-2013
Hot Spring Vanguard 2012-2013
Hot Spring Jetsetter 2012-2013
Hot Spring Prodigy 2012-2013
Hot Spring Sovereign 2012-2013
Hot Spring Aria 2012-2013





Item Description Part #
1A Jet Hydromassage Dir CG 12 76528
1B Jet Hydromassage Dir WG 12 76529
2 Jet Body 5" Hss 12 76525


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