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Hot Spring 76067 Ace System Complete

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Hot Spring 76067 Ace System Complete
Hot Spring 76067 Ace System Complete


Ace Sanitizing System for Hot Springs Spas.

Requires Freshwater Spa Salt.

This system uses salt to create chlorine that sanitizes spa water. The end result will mean cleaner and softer water, giving you a better and healthier hot tub experience.


Item Description Part #
1 Ace System, Complete Assembly 76067
2 Ace System, Cell 76078
3 Controller, Ace 15-C 77401
4 Ace Cleaning Bottle, SVC 77044
5 Ace System, Spa Salt 80000
6 FW Salt Test Strips 76771
7 FW, Ace Cell Cleaner 12/CS 77139


Item Description Part#
1 Ace System Cell 76078
2 Ace System Controller 76079
3 Ace System Power Supply 74880
4 Ace System Salt 80000
5 Salt Test Strips 76235
6 Ace Retrofit Controller N/A
* Ace System Complete 2009-Current 76067
* Ace System Retrofit 2004-2008 76298



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