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73916 Air Control Piston Kit

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73916 Air Control Piston Kit
73916 Air Control Piston Kit

The air control valves are the air intake ports for the air that is supplied to the individual jets via the air valves. Located in the near equipment compartment under the bartop, their primary function is to prevent water from back flowing into the equipment compartment should the hydrotherapy jet become obstructed.

  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Locate the air check valves positioned under the bartop.
  4. Remove the valve from the c-clip.
  5. Using Spring Clamp Pliers, slide the spring clamp back onto the vinyl tubing.
  6. Remove the air check valve.
  7. Reverse steps 1 to 6 to reinstall the air check valve.


73916 Air Control Piston Kit is for the following models.       


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spot TX 2011-2012
Solana SX 2006-2010
Solana TX 2006-2010
Solana RX 2006-2009


Item Description Part #
1 Lever Air Control Valve CG 75121
1a Lever Air Control Valve WG 76006
2 Bezel Air Control Valve CG 75122
2b Bezel Air Control Valve WG 76007
3 Collar Body Air Valve 74836
4 Piston Air Control Valve 73916
5 Body Socket Air Control Valve 75124
6 Nut Air Control Valve 74833



Item Description Part #
1a Kit Air Control Lever CG 73804
1b Kit Air Control Lever WG 73997
1c Kit Air Control Lever  WHT 73998
1d Kit Air Control Lever IMD WG 73817
1e Kit Air Control Lever IMD CG 73826
2 Kit Air Control Valve 73919
3 Kit Air Control Piston 73916







Item Description Part #
1 Kit Air Control Lever Gry 73804
1A Kit Air Control Lever 73807
2 Kit Air Control Valve 73919
3 Kit Air Control Piston 73916

 Item Description  Part #
 2  VALVE,AIR CONTROL 09-C  74836
 3  LIGHTPIPE, AC VALVE CS 09-C  74838
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