Hot Spring Spas 72597 Replacement Spas Pillow, Cool Grey

Hot Spring Spas 72597 Replacement Spas Pillow, Cool Grey

SKU: 72597


The pillow is all grey (no more two-tone) and is a one piece design.

This pillow replaces the older Hot Spring hot tub model pillow.

72597 Pillow - Cool Grey is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2002-2007
Hot Spring Vista  2004-2007
Hot Spring Envoy 2004-2007
Hot Spring Vanguard 2002-2007
Hot Spring Jetsetter 2002-2007
Hot Spring Prodigy 2002-2007
Hot Spring Sovereign 2002-2007
Hot Spring Accolade 2005-2006
Hot Spring Landmark 2000-2003
Hot Spring Aria 2007
Hot Spring Highlife ILE 2003


Item Description Part #
1a Pillow Teal 72596
1b  Pillow Cool Grey  72597
2  Pillow Retainer Screw Rear Mounted  73019


Item Description Part #
1B Pillow Teal HSS Two-Piece 72596
1A Pillow C.Gry HSS Two-Piece 72597
1C Pillow W.Gry HSS Two-Piece 73339
1D Pillow W.Gry HSS Two-Piece (w/o logo) N/A
1E Pillow Taupe HSS Two-Piece 72598
2A Pillow Short Teal 2000 HSS Use 72578
2B Pillow Short C.Gry 2000 HSS Use 72578
3A Pillow Teal 1988 HSS One-Piece Use 72596
3B Pillow Gray 1997 HSS One-Piece Use 72597
4A Pillow HSS Teal Use 72596
4B Pillow HSS Gray 71859
6 Kit Retainer/Screw Rear Mounted 73019