72016 Kit, Led Light Assembly

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72016 Kit, Led Light Assembly
72016 Kit, Led Light Assembly


Please use part #72642

Blue LED light assembly for Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models from 2001-2010.

The spa light is visible through the light lens located in the bench seat of the spa. The light intensity and activation can be controlled from the main control panel or auxiliary control panel (if applicable).

  • Schematics
  • Low voltage dimmable LED light, the light should never need replacing in normal use.
  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Access the control box assembly.
  4. Unplug the LED spa light cord from the control box assembly (lower left-hand corner).
  5. Locate the LED spa light assembly (on the equipment compartment wall).
  6. Using pliers, remove the three x-mas tree fasteners from the LED light housing.
  7. Remove the entire LED spa light assembly.
  8. To reinstall LED spa light assembly, reverse steps 1 to 7.


Item Description Part #
1A LED Light Asembly Blue 72016
1B LED Light Assemble Multicolor 72642
2 Housing LED Light 38859
3 Fastener (Quantity 4) 72017
* Screw #10 X 1/2 30360
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