71452 Rear Wall Fitting

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71452 Rear Wall Fitting
71452 Rear Wall Fitting

Rear Wallfitting for 1997 - Current Bengal, Caspian, Sumatran and Siberian Tiger River Spa Models.


Wallfittings are used to connect the spa's plumbing to the shell. They are designed to prevent water from leaking into the foam or equipment compartment. Wallfittings generally consist of three parts; a rear wallfitting, a front wallfitting and an o-ring.

The rear wallfitting and the o-ring are placed on the spa shell. The front wallfitting is then placed through the spa shell opening and threaded into the rear wallfitting. The o-ring is compressed between the rear wallfitting and the spa shell to form a water tight seal.

In some cases, an o-ring is placed between front wallfitting and the spa shell. This o-ring is used for factory air testing only. It may be discarded when the front wallfitting is removed.


  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Drain the spa.
  3. Using a spanner wrench, turn the front wallfitting counter clockwise to remove.
  4. If the rear wallfitting requires removal, access the rear wallfitting. This may require removal of foam.
  5. Cut the plumbing connected to the rear wallfitting.
  6. Place the new front wallfitting through the opening of the shell.
  7. Place the o-ring around the front wallfitting (against the backside of the shell).
  8. Thread the new rear wallfitting into position. Hand tighten only.
  9. Use the spanner wrench on the front wallfitting to finish tightening.


Item Description Part #
1 Cap Standpipe 3-/12 (gray) 36513
2 Filter Cartridge 65 Sq Feet 71827
3 Standpipe (gray) 71948**
4 O-Ring red Wallfitting Front 30482
5 Kit Rear Wallfitiing 71452
* Kit Floating Weir 71944





Item Description Part #
1 Stand Pipe Cap 36513
2 Standpipe Assembly 74818
3 Front Wallfitiing 30488
4 O Ring 30482
5 Rear Wallfitiing 71452
6 Fitler Cartridge 100 Sq Ft 74817
* Floating Weir 71644


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