70818 Jetstream Adjustable Eyeball Grey

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70818 Jetstream Adjustable Eyeball Grey
70818 Jetstream Adjustable Eyeball Grey

Grey Adjustable Jetstream Eyeball Jet used in 1994-1997 Hot Springs and Tiger River Spas.

The Adjustable Jetsteam is a powerful jet that combines the pressure of several jets into a substantial stream. The Adjustable Jetstream is located in the footwell of the spa to provide a massage to the feet and calves. Additionally, turning the Adjustable Jetstream Jet will activate the various jet modes of the spa.

The air control valve is used to control the intensity of the Jetstream. To adjust the intensity, turn the air control lever clockwise to increase the intensity (air) or counter-clockwise to decrease the intensity (air).


Refer to the following items that can diminish the flow from the Adjustable Jetstream Jet;

  • Jetstream Jet partially closed
  • Dirty or clogged filters
  • Low water level
  • Jet pump malfunctioning
  • Diverter valve improperly positioned
  • In-foam check valve problem



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  1. Remove the retainer ring and eyeball from the faceplate by unscrewing the retaining ring.
  2. Remove the faceplate by grasping the faceplate on both sides and pulling straight out.
  3. Remove the nozzle and nozzle retainer ring using the
  4. Jetstream Nozzle tool.


  1. Insert the nozzle and nozzle retainer ring. The nozzle elbow opening must be installed in the 12 o’clock position.
    Important: The 12 o’clock orientation refers to the direction the nozzle elbow opening is facing.
  2. Once the nozzle and retainer ring are orientated and properly seated, use the Jetstream Nozzle tool to tighten the retainer ring.
    Important: The retainer ring must be properly secured.
  3. Reinstall the faceplate by sliding it over the jet nozzle and pressing it into the jet body. Verify the nozzle is orientated properly by turning the handle 90 degrees in each direction from the initial orientation. The handle should turn a total of 180 degrees.
  4. Reinstall the eyeball and eyeball retainer ring.
  5. To verify the Jetstream is functioning properly, position the
  6. Jetstream faceplate in the 12 o’clock position. When in this position, the Jetstream should be operative. If no water is flowing through the Jetstream, recheck the orientation of the nozzle.


Refer to the following instructions to install an electrical cord / ground on a no-cord SilentFlo 5000:

  1. Remove the end cap of the new SilentFlo 5000 pump by removing the two slotted screws on the rear black panel.
  2. Insert the stripped ends of the cord through the rubber gasket on the end cap.
  3. Connect the ground wire (green) to grounding lug located on the body of the pump.
  4. The other two wires should be installed into the terminal block. The pump is not affected by the polarity of the incoming power, so either wire can be installed in either terminal. NOTE: Insure that excess wire does not protrude from the rear of the terminal block. Excessive wire will cause direct shorts.
  5. After the wires are secure, reinstall the end cap using the two slotted screws.
  6. If an exterior grounding wire exists, you must attach the exterior grounding lug with single screw (provided in kit). Then attach exterior grounding wire to exterior grounding lug.

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