36087 Wallfitting Front Soothing

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36087 Wallfitting Front Soothing
36087 Wallfitting Front Soothing

Wallfitting Front Soothing Jet

The Soothing Seven Jet is a larger jet with seven outlets. The seven outlets are designed to massage the tight muscles of the upper back and shoulders.

The intensity of the Soothing Seven Jet increases when more air is injected into the jet. Turning the faceplate can control the amount of air reaching an individual jet. To adjust the air, turn the faceplate clockwise to increase the air or counter-clockwise to decrease the air.

The Soothing Seven Jet consists of front and rear wallfitting, two o-rings, a gasket, and jet face (either white or gray).


Item Description Part number
1 kit wall fitting 71362
2a Jet Face White 71366
2b Jet Face C Grey 71367
2c Jet Face W Grey 73293
2d Jet Face Taupe 72486
2e Jet face escutcheon c grey 73902
2e Jet face escutcheon w grey 73814
3 Gasket 36535
4 o ring 35986
5 Front Wall Fitting 36087
6 o-ring 36153


  1. Open or remove the spa cover.
  2. Remove the jet by grasping the jet faceplate and pulling it away from the spa shell.
  3. With jet in hand, two o-rings should be on the rear portion of the faceplate. If either o-ring is not present, inspect the inside of the front wallfitting and remove the missing o-ring.
  4. To reinstall the jet, reverse steps 1 to 3.
    Important: Make sure that the o-rings are properly seated.
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