35986 O-Ring, Small for Adjustable Jet

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35986 O-Ring, Small for Adjustable Jet
35986 O-Ring, Small for Adjustable Jet

Small O-Ring

This part is a replacement small o-ring that is used to compress fittings in your Hot Spring hot tub. Repair the o-ring to ensure long-lasting equipment.

Seal your equipment to prevent water leaks in your spa. Compatible with a variety of the 1996 to 2011 Hot Spring Highlife, Hot Spot, Solana, Limelight and Tiger River spa models.

*Check specs section for full list of compatible models and years.


Item Description part #
1 Kit Wall Fitting 71361
2A Rotary Jet Face White 71363
2B Rotary Jet Face C. Grey 71364
2C Rotary Jet Face W Grey 73301
2D Rotary Jet Face Taupe (use 73301) 73301
2E Rotary Face Esc W grey 73812
2F Rotary Face Esc C Grey 73900
3 Gasket Adj Rotary Jet 36534
4A Rotary Jet White 71619
4B Rotary Jet C Grey 71690
4C Rotary Jet W Grey 73303
4D Rotary Jet Taupe 71880
5A Directional Jet White 71691
5B Directional Jet C Grey 71692
5C Directional Jet W Grey 73304
5D Directional Jet Taupe 71881
6 Wall Fitting Front Adj Jet 35977
7 O ring Front Wall Adj 35988
8 O Ring Adj jet (small) 35986
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