34149 Air Valve Cap Green

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34149 Air Valve Cap Green
34149 Air Valve Cap Green

Green Air Valve Cap for 1993-2003 Hot Spring Spas


Air control valves, located on the spa’s bartop, allow the spa user to control/adjust the amount of air that is supplied to specific hydrotherapy jets in the spa. The amount of air is controlled/adjusted by a turn of the air lever. The more air, the stronger the jet pressure feels.

The force of the water pressure rushing through the individual jets in a venturi effect inducts the air through the air valves. The air check valves located in the equipment compartment under the bartop provide the air intake for the air valves.

  1. Gently pry the screw cap upward and remove the phillips head screw.
  2. Remove the lever.
  3. Remove the bezel.
  4. Using the Spanner tool, remove the air valve retainer.
  5. Pull the air valve piston upward and out of the valve body. If the air valve piston is difficult to remove, place a cloth over the spline shaft and use pliers to gently pull the piston out of the valve body. Caution: Do not damage the spline on the piston shaft.


  1. Using silicone grease, grease the inside of the valve body.
  2. Grease (silicone grease) the three valve kit o-rings.
  3. Install the two equal sized o-rings into the valve piston o-ring grooves. The grooves are located at the top and bottom of the piston barrel.
  4. Apply a second coating of silicone grease on the outside of the o-rings.
  5. Install the remaining o-ring into the o-ring retainer located around the air opening in the barrel of the piston. This is performed simultaneously by locating the o-ring in position and sliding the piston into the valve body.
    Important: Ensure the o-ring is properly seated as the piston is being slid into the valve body.
  6. Using the air valve lever, place the lever onto the spline shaft and press downward to seat the piston into the valve body. Once the piston is seated, turn the piston back and forth to check proper actuation. Once actuation is verified, turn the piston all the way clockwise until stopped.
  7. Use the Spanner tool to install and tighten the piston retainer ring.
  8. Install the bezel.
  9. Install the lever in the clockwise most position. Check to make sure the lever travels the full length of the bezel opening.
  10. Install the lever screw and screw cap.




Item Description Part #
1A Cap Green 1993-97 34149
1B Cap White 1993-97 33833
1C Cap Blue 1993-97 34148
1D Cap Teal Quarlite 1996-97 36225
1E Cap Grey Quartite 1996-97 36224
1F Cap Seafoam Green 1998 37496
1G Cap Steel Blue 1998 37497
1H Cap Light Grey Quartite 1998 37498
1I Cap Dark Grey Quartite 1998 37499
1J Cap Forrest Green 1998 37567
1K Cap Dark Teal Quartite 1998 37568
1L Cap Taupe 2002 39870
2 Screw 33850
3A Lever White 33834
3B Lever Airvalve Grey 36209
3C Lever Airvalve Taupe 39869
4A Bezel White 36503
4B Bezel Airvalve Grey 36505
4C Bezel Airvalve Taupe 39878
5 Stopper 33836
6 O-Ring 33832
7 O-Ring 33831
8 Body 33838
9 Casket 33830
10 Screw 34173
11 Piston w/O-Ring 70442
** Spanner Wrench 50554
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