31680 Weir Pre 1993

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31680 Weir Pre 1993
31680 Weir Pre 1993

Pre 1993 Skimmer Weir


The Skimmer weir is located at the entrance to the filter compartment and is designed to allow water to enter the filter area. Additionally, the weir is designed to remove or skim any floating debris from the surface of the water

When the filter area requires more water (jet pump activation), the weir will move down to allow more water to enter. Conversely, when the filter area requires less water (jet pump is deactivated), the weir will move up to decrease the amount of water entering the filter area.

It is essential the weir float freely in the weir guides.

  • If a weir blade becomes stuck in the up position, the jet pump can surge due to lack of water.
  • If a weir blade becomes stuck in the down position, the skimming action used to remove debris will be eliminated.



NOTE: When replacing the weir in a spa that has had a structural weir repair performed on it , cut the weir in half for removal.

  1. Remove the filter lid.
  2. Locate the weir.
  3. Push the weir to the bottom of the tracks.
  4. Grasping the tracks on both sides of the weir, pull the tracks outward (away from each other) while twisting in toward the filter compartment.
  5. The weir should fall out of the tracks.
  6. To replace the weir, reverse steps 1 to 5.



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