31335 Weir Guide

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31335 Weir Guide
31335 Weir Guide

Skimmer weir for pre 1993 Hot Spring Spa models.

The Skimmer weir is located at the entrance to the filter compartment and is designed to allow water to enter the filter area. Additionally, the weir is designed to remove or skim any floating debris from the surface of the water

When the filter area requires more water (jet pump activation), the weir will move down to allow more water to enter. Conversely, when the filter area requires less water (jet pump is deactivated), the weir will move up to decrease the amount of water entering the filter area.

It is essential the weir float freely in the weir guides.

  • If a weir blade becomes stuck in the up position, the jet pump can surge due to lack of water.
  • If a weir blade becomes stuck in the down position, the skimming action used to remove debris will be eliminated.


  1. Put the air control lever in the closed (-) position.
  2. Remove the sticker covering the air control valve. Be careful not to damage the knob, especially if using a knife.
  3. This will reveal the mounting screw.
  4. Remove the screw using a Phillips screwdriver.
  5. Remove the lever.
  6. Using a spanner wrench, unscrew the retainer.
  7. Remove the piston and driver.
  8. Remove the o-ring located in the bottom of the air valve body.


  1. Install the o-ring in the bottom of the air valve body.
  2. Screw the driver and piston together and insert the assembly into valve body.
  3. Screw the retainer into the valve body.
    Note: Do not overtighten as the valve will bind.
  4. Using your fingers, close the valve by rotating the driver clockwise until it stops.
  5. Reinstall the bezel by aligning the two locating pins.
  6. Install the lever by placing it on the piston. The lever should be positioned almost touching the bezel in the closed position.
  7. While holding the assembly in place, install the mounting screw.
  8. Start the jet pump and test the valve by turning the air on and off.
  9. After it has been determined that the valve is working properly, install the corresponding color sticker.
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