2 Person Family Sauna In Red Cedar

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2 Person Family Sauna In Red Cedar
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2 Person Family Sauna In Red Cedar
2 Person Family Sauna In Red Cedar 2 Person Family Sauna In Red Cedar
  • Includes removable backrest and oxygen ionizer.
  • Nine infrared carbon fiber heaters with a total of 4,030 square inches heating surface area
  • Energy efficient
  • Help you lose weight, relax and more
  • Dual control panel
  • Interior and Exterior Lights
  • Tempered glass door and side windows
  • Thickness of wall: 2.0", glass: 0.26"
  • AM/FM CD player and MP3 adapter


Wood type:

Red Cedar
Red Cedar


Width: 47.0" (43.0" interior)
Depth: 47.0" (37.0" interior)
Height: 75.0"
Bench Depth: 17.0"
Weight: 290 lbs

Power Requirements:

110-120 Volts
1600 Watts
13-15 Amps

360° Surrounded Heating

3X larger heating surface area than average saunas. The larger heating surface area will insure your sauna will get hot faster in a safe and effective manner.

Revolutionary Carbon Fiber Heaters It is widely recognized that heat generated by Far Infrared offers a tremendous advantage to mankind.

Through in-depth scientific study it has been discovered that carbon...

Inside Reading Lights

Elegent, soft and soothing reading light for a complete relaxing experience. Enjoy your favorite book, magazine or news paper while you relax inside the sauna.

Lose Weight and Stay in Shape U.S. Army research shows infrared sauna use can burn as many as 300 to 600 calories during one sauna session. This happens due to the sweating process itself, as well as increased heart rate. Even though most of the weight lost in infrared saunas is water...

AM/FM CD Player and MP3 Adapter Our saunas include a AM/FM CD player and MP3 adapter to help you relax even more with your favorite music. The AM/FM CD player is installed inside the sauna for easier access while you're enjoying the sauna.

Luxury Exterior Lights Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass.

Oxygen Ionizer

Releases ions to purify the air and kill odor causing bacteria. Dispense natural floral fragrances to enhance mood and stimulate relaxation.

Portable Ergonomic Backrest

Wooden Backrest that provides firm, responsive support. Anatomical design maintains the back's natural curve and promotes neutral posture while seated for a long period. Designed with solid Hemlock-Fir or Red Cedar (with no veneer) for shape retention and firm support. Portable backrest that allow you to adjust it to the desired position.
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