Tiger River Heaters


Hot Tub Spa Supplies offers a large selection of Hot Spring Spa parts. Keep your Hot Spring Spa running like new with discount hot spring spa parts. 

All parts are new and factory packaged.

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76228 Heater Assembly Titanium 4kw
Heater replacement for all Hot Spring Models 2003-Current , Tiger River Caspian Models, and Limel..
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73790 NoFault Heater Assembly, 1.5kW/6kW
No-Fault PDR Titanium Heater Comes with  thermistor o-rings. A replacement for all hot s..
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76227 Heater Assembly Titanium 6kw
Heater replacement for Hot Spring Models  Jetsetter, Prodigy, Vanguard, Soveriegn, Grandee, ..
73791 No Fault Heater 4kw
No-Fault PDR Titanium Heater 4kw for Hot spring, Tiger River and Limelight  models 2003-curr..
72768 Jumper Pressure Switch
A jumper to replace a pressure switch on IQ 2020 Boxes.  The New PDR Heaters have a automati..
71557 Heater Plumbing kit
plumbing kit for hot spring spas 1994-1995 that need to be changed over to the no fault 6000 heat..
71537 Heather Upgrade Adapter Cord
When replacing a cartridge heater (No Fault) with a No Fault 6000 heater, a plumbing upgrade kit ..
70914 Cartridge Heater Housing
No Fault 1500 Heather Housing for  1995-1996 Hot Spring and Tiger River Spa Models. ..
70732 Discharge Tiger River
Plumbling fitting for select models for Tiger River Models with a flow through heater. ..
70377 Tiger River Heater 1992-1994
A Replacement Flow Through Heater for Tiger River Models 1992-1994 ..
34447  Oring 2"
Oring for Tiger River Heater 70377 ..
33761  Split Nut
Split Nut for a Tiger River Flow through heater 70377 ..
33322 Tail Piece Inlet
Tail Peice inlet for Tiger River Models with a flow through Heater ..