Hot Spring Light Lens kits


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77291 Logo Light NXT Badge
Logo Light NXT Badge 14-C for 2014 Hot Spring Grandee ..
77227 Replacement Light lens Bezel
Replacement light lens for Hot Spring Highlife Collection 2014-current ..
76860 Light Adapter Eagle Hawk
Light Adapter for lightning systems in Hot springs, Limelight and Hot Spot Spas 2013 models ..
74930 LED Light Main 12
Replacement LED Spa light for 2009-Current Hot Spring and Limelight Spas. ..
74929 Light Bellafontana Led Harness
Bellafontana Led Light Harness used on Hot Spring Spas ..
74928 Light Soothing Stream
Soothing Stream Light Harness for soothing stream waterfal. ..
74888 Kit Sleeve Bayonet LED
Bayonete Kit Sleeve LED Light for 2014 Hot Spring Grandee ..
74879 Kit Multizone Led Controller
Multizone Led Controller for 2013 Hot spring Spas.   ..
74697 Complete Assembly
Comple lightingh system kit for Clarion Lightening used in Hot Spring Spa Systems ..
73628 Soothingstream Power Connector
Soothing Stream Power Connector 2005 - Current Light Harness power connector ..
73256 Left and Right Clips
Set of 5 Left and Right clip for Clarion Light Bars ..
73163 Hardware Kit
Hardware kit for Clarion Light Bars used in Hot Spring Spa Models . ..
72961 Light lens adhesive
This part is required to install a retro fit Light lens on older spas. ..
72642 Kit Led Light Assembly
Multicolored L.E.D. Light Kit Assembly The spa light is visible through the light lens locate..
72017 LED Light Fasteners
Set of 4 LED Light Fasteners for Hot Springs, Tiger River and Limelight Spas 2001-Current &nb..
72016 Kit Led Light Assembly
Blue L.E.D Light Assembly for Hot Spring and Tiger River 2001-2010 Spa Models  a The spa..
71925 Light Lense Wallfitting
Light Lense Wallfitting for Hot Spring and Tiger River 2000-Current   ..
71923 Light Lens Wallfitting White
White Lens Wallfitting Assembly for 1989-1999 Hot Spring Spas Retro fitted The spa light ..
71922 Kit Grey Bezel
Light Lense Kit in Cool Grey for Hot Spring Spas 2000-Current The spa light is visible throug..
71921 Kit White Bezel
White Ligth Lense Bezel for Hot Sping 2000- Current Models The spa light is visible through t..
71833 Light Lens Retro Kit Grey
The spa light is visible through the light lens located in the bench seat oft..
71832 Light Lens Retro Kit White
The spa light is visible through the light lens located in the bench seat oft..
71830 Replacement Lens
The lens is a replacement for the retro kit light lens ..
71292 Light Receptacle
Light Receptacle for 1995- Current Hot Spring Spa Models ..
71001 Wire Guard
Wire Guard 1/2 inch for Lamp 1995 - current Hot Springs  ..
70278 Jet Switch LED
LED Light Bulb used on 1989-1996 Hot Springs Spas.  ..
38859 LED Light Housing
LED Light Houseing for circuit board Hot Spring, Tiger River and Limelight Spa Models The spa..
37611 Backlight Control Panel
L.E.D. Fiber optic tape strip for Hot Spring Control Panel bezel 1998-2008 The control panel ..
37603 Harness Assembly Backlight
Control Panel light for all Hot Springs Panels 1998- 2007 Blue L.E.D. light. The control ..