Caldera Sensors

A Full selection of Caldera Spa Parts. All parts are new factory packaged. Caldera Heaters, Caldera Circulation pumps, and all caldera accessories for your spa.

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74935  Pressure Switch
Pressure Switch used in CIma Lina Sprint Dash models 2010- current A pressure switch is a saf..
73995 Pressure Switch
Caldera Highland Series Pressure Switch for Highland series spas 2006-current   ..
73992 High Limit Sensor
Caldera Highland Series 2006-current high limit sensor Each spa is equipped with a thermistor..
72717 Pressure Switch
Spa Pressure Switch for Caldara Spas used in Utopia and Paradise Series 2001- Current ..
72639 Kit Assembly Press Switch
Pressure switch for Caldera Spa Models 2001- Current Utopia and Paradise Series   ..
72493 Thermostat Sensor
Tstat Sensor for all Hot Spot and Solana Models 2006-current and Caldera models 2002-current ..
72492 High Limit Sensor 2002-current
High Limit sensor for Caldera Utopia and paradise Spas 2002- current adn Hot Spot Solana Models 2..
71586 Pressure Switch
Hot Spot Spa Models -1999-2005 Solana X  2000-2002 Solana RX SX & TX 2003-2005 ..
71578 Thermistor
Thermistor  Sensor for hot Spot 1999-2002, 2003-2005 Solana Models ..
008019 Sensor Set
Caldera Spa Temp HI Limit Sensor for Balboa Spa Systems  9800 Balbao Digital Sensor Comb..